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James Cameron’s – Avatar (2009) –  is one of the highest earning movies. No one thought it to be such a successful movie. The trailers andavatar featuredmarketing strategy was not that much conducted in a perfect manner! The 2.5-hour running time, no prominent movie stars or the weird fantasy world – nothing pointed to the direction of success. But here you have it (and without much consent), Avatar became one of the highest earners in the box office ever. Here are six reasons for it.


Though we saw 3-D movies earlier, the effect of this film was something different. It had the ‘wow’ factor. It left a lasting impression on people. They shared the experience with others, and so the word-of-mouth worked well. There was no way you could replicate this on a DVD release. People were aware that they had to watch it on the big screen. So, huge number of tickets was sold.

No competition

As most major movies targeted the summer months for the release of their films, when Avatar was released near the end of the year, there was no other big movie. Only “Sherlock Holmes” and “Alvin” and the “Chipmunks: the Squeakquel” were the competitors of Avatar.


Avatar had a PG-13 rating. It was a film that the whole family could enjoy at the end of the season. There was enough action to satisfy the adult audiences, but it was not violent to scare off the kids. The kids loved the weird looks of the Na’vi and their colorful fantasy world.

Simple story

Average viewers don’t like complex stories, particularly during action movies. Avatar had a simple story, which attracted the average viewers. The environmental element that is emphasized in the movie, attracted audiences’ attention as well as people is now more cautious about green living.

James Cameron

James Cameron Movie Producer

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The movie didn’t have any A-list artists. Instead, its marketing focused on the director of the movie, James Cameron. His close association with the movie ‘Titanic’ compelled people to watch this film, and by ‘coincidence’ both movies have highest-earnings ever.

Avatar didn’t reach success instantly. With no big stars or a great plot, not many people were convinced to watch the movie. But the word-of-mouth did the trick. Slowly, after hearing that their friends or neighbors have watched it and enjoyed the movie, people started heading towards the theater. People didn’t want to be left out when they started hearing about the records the film was breaking. So, at last, Avatar turned out to be one of the most successful films ever made in Hollywood. The credit of the success mainly goes to the talented director James Cameron.

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