What Was Behind The Low Rating to Suicide Squad (2016) By RottenTomato?

Angry fans reappeared with the case of Suicide Squad, showing their complete disgust toward the rating offered by RottenTomato to the movie(they even signed a petition to shut them down). RottenTomato gave the movie quite a bit more than a review, which at the moment made the fans explode through social media.

Is RottenTomato Rating Important?

At the end of the day, RottenTomato’s job is to provide a review about how they interpreted the quality of the movie. Unfortunately, if the reviewers provided a devastating review for a movie you enjoyed, you’ll have to deal with it. However, let’s remember this is just a review from a group of critiques that won’t affect the way you perceive the movie, it won’t make you enjoy it less. A review doesn’t determine the impact of a movie, and this was proven when enraged fans hit social media regarding the rating of Suicide Squad.

Despite receiving a horrible review and rating from RottenTomato, the film was still a total theatre breaker and caused a lot of sensation all over social media. It’s helpful to remember that the fans, are also critics, and the amazing feedback they provided through social media definitely balanced the scales against rotten-tomato-logo the “professional” critics.
Some supported the reviews provided to Suicide Squad, stating that despite being entertaining, the plot isn’t necessarily the brightest. As an argument, some say that the villain has no base, and that the movie had no actual villain until the Suicide Squad was put together. So basically, they created a group of the most dangerous people, attracted the attention of a villain because of it, and that’s when the squad comes in. This point expresses that the Suicide Squad wasn’t really needed; as the villain appeared because of its formation.

Reviewers said the movie didn’t feature as much action as it was shown in the trailers. Critics compared the film with Deadpool, where they point out the difference in the ammount of action along with the quality of the acting; Ryan Reynolds gave way more live to his character than all of the members of the Suicide Squat put together.

A very similar case was presented with the release of Batman v Superman. Upon release the movie received some harsh critiques and negative feedback from some fans. In no more than a day, articles about how bad the film was spread all over the web, stating the movie was “horrible, lacking of action, boring, extensive” along with many other not-so-nice comments.

The movie wasn’t precisely the most brilliant film, but part of the audience did enjoy the thrill. Some acclaim the fact of Superman turning over his personality was brilliant, and some said it was dumb. Celebrity Henry Cavill hadn’t faced such bad critiques before, as his role in Man of Steel didn’t get half the negative feedback as he did this film.

The audience claims the reviews supplied by professional critiques are unaccurate. However, a factor they’re not counting is the overhype. You’re all pumped up about the upcoming Superman movie you’ve been waiting for, oh yeah, with the most of your hopes up to have the best time of your life watching it. But suicide squadoh wait, it turned out to be a total mess, and you don’t really want to accept that the movie didn’t figure in. Loads of very diverse movies released that year received considerably higher rates than this film, which should be kind of an indicator. There’s always a chance that the harsh review wasn’t out of place: in fact, they’re often pretty accurate, a thing to consider is that these critics use professional parameters to rate movies.

Social media saw a lot of this topic during this year, angry fans, angry critiques, that guy who doesn’t really care but still comments, along with many other things regarding the reviews. It’s all good, you all have the right to share your opinion, but please, don’t go all the way down to your conspiracy theories. Yeah, those wimp attempts to explain facts through your twisted list of coincidences and arguments that don’t really exist. The movie was cool, or the movie was whack, no other options.

There’s been a lot of controversy regarding the eternal debate of Marvel vs DC Comics. Like seriously, at this rate they’ll end up making a movie about it. There’s no need to enjoy one over the other, we can just live happily in a world where we have two different types of comics and movies. At the end of the say, if you pick sides you’ll end up missing on half of the fun. Of course, there will always be comments regarding the critics’ favoritism:

“That reviewer works for Marvel, he’s been sinking DC Movies!”, “this review is definitely coming from a DC criticist throwing mud to DC Comics!”

Is it a possibility? Perhaps; is it a dumb possibility? Perhaps; does it matter? No. It’s unbelievable the amount of attention this kind of topics can attract, nowadays you don’t even seem to need a source to start a hoax, people will just follow it supporting their side.


RottenTomato Rating Don’t Carry Too Much Importance

Enough conspiracy; back to the reviews. Once again, reviews provided by groups as RottenTomato don’t determine the quality of a movie. You can ask Harley Quinn about what he thinks of the critiques, and his answer probably won’t even matter seeing as he raked over $100 million during his premiere weekend. “But how? It only has a rating of-” doesn’t matter, you didn’t really expect a movie with such massive actors and known celebrities would go un-seen, did you? Once again, reviews are only a small part of the movie.

You’d be surprised with how much attention directors can attract with proper trailers, and a cast featuring Will Smith, Jared Leto, a psycho blonde pole dancer, and many other awesome characters. Some dare to say that presentation is just about as important as the review. Could it have had a better story? Perhaps; could it have received a better rating? Perhaps. If you make a movie, critics come in the package, that’s not something you can change. But the package also contains a lot more things, don’t focus on a specific one.


  1. Critics are professionals that get payed to critique movies. Rotten Tomato does not review movies. People just need to get over it.

  2. Rotten Tomato tells you nothing about the quality of the movie and is completely misleading.

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