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The 2016 Olympics left a lot of winner happy eyes us and the world’s eyes was on the new hopefuls and returning Olympians, as all compete for victory, achievement and national pride. It’s was an exciting time!


If you’re looking to get into the spirit of the Olympic games, look no further than Eddie the Eagle, a humorous, emotional biopic about an average British guy joining the ski jump events at the Olympics. It’s a film about the power of dreams overcoming doubts and disbelief, even through a lack of experience and natural talent.


eddie the eagle with coach


Eddie the Eagle played by Taron Egerton (for full cast click here) is a biographical picture based on Michael Edwards’ life, a plasterer who had a childhood dream of competing in the Olympic ski jump events.  As an only child, Eddie was encouraged by his mother Jeanette (Jo Hartley), who didn’t stop believing in the best of her son-while his father Terry (Keith Allen) looked on at the boy’s aspiration as foolish. Others joined in the jeering, as well, taunting the young Eddie’s dream.

While his dad wanted him to ‘fall in line’ as a plasterer, Eddie resisted and held onto a belief that he could be something more. His childhood is portrayed by two young actors, Jack and Tom Costello, who convincingly portray a young Eddie.

One day (when he is much older) Eddie Edward’s frustration reaches a limit and he heads off to a Ski jump facility in Germany, where he meets ex-Olympic participant Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman).

Bronson cast aside his Olympic hopes when he took up drinking, only to become an angry, depressed maintenance worker – not the promising Olympian he could have been. As Eddie begins to make clumsy – and at times frightening – attempts at learning small jumps, Bronson repeatedly taunts him.But Eddie’s determination is concrete.

Finally, Bronson is won over by Eddie’s determination to keep on making jumps, and starts helping him to train. Partly out of sympathy for the fool, but also to save Eddie from killing himself on the bigger jumps.

Yet even as they begin training, disbelief is joined by those who have the power to end Eddie’s dream. Like British Olympic Committee leader Dustin Target (played by Tim Mcinnerny),who is determined to stop Eddie from partaking in the Olympic ski jump events.

eddie the eagle flying


About the Actors

26-year old Taron Egerton comes to play the role of Eddie Edwards after a spy action comedy, Kingsman: The Secret Service – and his transition into the role is superb. He meshes really well with Hugh’s character.

Hugh Jackman’s role as the trainer is an anchor for the film’s comedic parts. He reinforces the importance of effort and seriousness; the jumps Eddie is training for are the 50 meter and 70 meter jump, where a skier can reach 55 miles per hour!

Eddie’s mom, Janette, played by Jo Hartley gives a poignant portrayal of a loving and supportive parent – perhaps the only reason Eddie’s dream did not wither and die from despair and discouragement.

On a side note, Christopher Walken appears in the film briefly as the coach that trained Bronson(Jackman).So Walken fans be advised: this is mainly a movie about with Taron and Hugh.


Directed By Dexter Fletcher

Written by Sean Macaulay and Simon Kelton


Main Cast

Taron Egerton as Eddie “Eagle” Edwards

Tom Costello as young Eddie Edwards (10 years old)

Jack Costello as Eddie (15 years old)

Hugh Jackman as Bronson Peary

Jo Hartley as Janette (mom)

Keith Allen as Terry (dad)

Tim Mcinnerny as Dustin Target

Carlton Bunce as the Old Jumper

Christopher Walken as Warren Sharp

Ania Sowinski as Carrie

Dickon Tolson as the Doctor

Eddie cried when he watched the movie

Who Will Enjoy This Movie

This is a great film to watch with the family before the Olympics set in or during the Olympics.

Even if you’re never going to participate in the Olympics, anyone that enjoys sports or wants to be encouraged will find something motivational in Eddie the Eagle. Even if you’re feeling down, it can be hard to finish watching this film and not smile. Obstacles, no matter how large and imposing and prevalent, can be overcome.

There is a clear message in the film: Even when there are more people who are against your dream, you will eventually find those few people who will lift you up and help along the way. Just keep going.

We believe most people will find this movie encouraging, aspirational and funny.

If you’d like to learn more about the people behind this biopic and some of the factual inaccuracies and liberties taken with the film, click here.


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Although the film Eddie the Eagle is “only 5%” true according to the real Eddie, Michael Edwards, even Michael is a fan of the biopic.

It isn’t about the victory, but the effort the young Eddie applied to making his dream come true. If there’s anything to take from the film, it’s that if you keep going, even at your lowest point, you’ll find people who will help you, encourage you and even train you to reach the vision of yourself you believe in.

Eddie believed and he did it.

Despite quite a few inaccuracies and fictional licenses taken by the screenwriters and directors, this biopic’s message is positive and influential.

Final Say: A+ – it’s an exciting, funny and powerful story to watch with the family. A great film for anyone with a dream they are struggling to achieve.

Bonus: Eddie the Eagle official website.



  1. This movie was just fantastic. I laughed and cried, it’s very emotional and fun. Eddie is true legend.

  2. So touching, sweet, and inspiring. Story was riveting. You can feel his desire to make his dream come true. Production is great, you can feel emotions from Eddie, his relation with parents is so genuine and real. It is truly one of the best films of 2016!

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