Secrets Behind Avatar’s Success | Role Model For Every Movie ‘Wannabe’ Producer

James Cameron’s – Avatar (2009) –  is one of the highest earning movies. No one thought it to be such a successful movie. The trailers andavatar featuredmarketing strategy was not that much conducted in a perfect manner! The 2.5-hour running time, no prominent movie stars or the weird fantasy world – nothing pointed to the direction of success. But here you have it (and without much consent), Avatar became one of the highest earners in the box office ever. Here are six reasons for it.

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5 Best Cinemas in USA all Americans Should Visit

It is known that to fully grasp the essence of a movie we have to Graumans Chinese Theatrewatch it in a movie theater or cinema. However, most of us only go to boring theaters and standard cinemas which don’t offer too much of an experience, but that’s not how it should be like.

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What Was Behind The Low Rating to Suicide Squad (2016) By RottenTomato?

Angry fans reappeared with the case of Suicide Squad, showing their complete disgust toward the rating offered by RottenTomato to the movie(they even signed a petition to shut them down). RottenTomato gave the movie quite a bit more than a review, which at the moment made the fans explode through social media.

Is RottenTomato Rating Important?

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Race 2016 | Movie Review – Film Conclusion

The Olympics Are Here!

The Olympics may be over, but the excitement around Olympics doesn’t have to end there. Here’s a movie to keep that rush going – it’s about running, Olympics and Nazi Germany.

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Champs among Films | The Ultimate List

Films get produced everyday without forejudging their quality. Yet most new generations must retain the “retro” of older generations by watching the champs among Films!


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3 Movies That Will Win Big Next Awards Season

Don’t miss out to watch these movie awards online!

Here we are, at the year’s halfway point. With the year half finished, there is more than enough information on 2016’s movie line-up to make some predictions about which of these movies have prestigious awards written in the stars. Although awards season is still a while away, certain films just scream Oscar.

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