What Was Behind The Low Rating to Suicide Squad (2016) By RottenTomato?

Angry fans reappeared with the case of Suicide Squad, showing their complete disgust toward the rating offered by RottenTomato to the movie(they even signed a petition to shut them down). RottenTomato gave the movie quite a bit more than a review, which at the moment made the fans explode through social media.

Is RottenTomato Rating Important?

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The 4 Most Prestigious Film Awards Around the World

This year marked the 88th consecutive year for the popular Academy Awards. Even if you weren’t one of the 34.4 million people viewing the program, it is almost guaranteed that you still heard discussion of the nominated films around your office or Facebook feed.

Considering the Academy Awards have been popular enough to last 88 years and still garner tens of millions of viewers, it is reasonable to ask the question: How do the Oscars stack up against the rest of the film awards? After all, the film industry is a massive global endeavor that’s constantly growing. Is receiving an Oscar the crème de la crème, or are there more prestigious film awards that directors and actors are vying for? What awards do critics and viewers take seriously? [Read more…]