5 Best Cinemas in USA all Americans Should Visit

It is known that to fully grasp the essence of a movie we have to Graumans Chinese Theatrewatch it in a movie theater or cinema. However, most of us only go to boring theaters and standard cinemas which don’t offer too much of an experience, but that’s not how it should be like.

In this list, you’ll have some interesting cinemas to take a look at with interesting stories and a history which goes back even one-hundred years ago. They are so old but at the same time so cool, they still preserve their uniqueness while giving away some of the most actual and innovating experiences in the industry.
All of these cinemas are recognized for being not only cultural examples of what a theater must be but a great example of how a theater should be like. They all boast exciting designs and interesting amenities which are not met by many other cinemas in the world, take a look at this fantastic list.

1.    Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles

Graumans Chinese Theatre

This is not just a movie theater, this is a total Hollywood Experience. This cinema was opened in 1927 and hosted lots of Hollywood’s premieres and big releases, also, it has been the host of three Academy Awards Ceremonies, plus being the cinema to hold the debut of the first Star Wars.
One of the interesting features about this cinema is that you can go to the Hollywood Hall of Fame that is just a few meters from this cinema; also, you can go to the Kodak Theatre that is also nearby and has hosted the Oscars.

2.    Grand Lake Renaissance Theater, Oklahoma

Grand lake renaissance

This theater has won the East Bay Express “best place to see a good movies” award many times, this is just because of its uniqueness and awesome features. By taking a step in you will immediately behold one of the most interesting and fun cinemas in the world, boasting a really old design which gives a glimpse of what the Golden Age of cinema was.
This vintage theater is listed as one of the best in the world, it opened its doors in 1926 and still gives the same feeling as it did almost a hundred years ago. With magnificent design, old style and a wonderful environment to watch movies, this movie theater holds one of the best spots in the USA to watch movies.
You can watch a movie from the 21st century with a 1920’s setting, with velvet curtains, orchestra pit and even ornate décor to give a wonderful sensation to the audience, especially if you are a vintage lover.

3.    ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood, Los Angeles

arclight cinemas

This cinema is not only a cinema to watch big stars on the screen if you are lucky enough you can also watch the stars of the movie seating at your side. This happens because the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood holds one of the most comfortable and luxury experiences in the cinema industry in the USA.
The seats are wider than in most cinemas in the country and you can choose from a really wide variety of snacks, dishes, and even gourmet food. Also, you can even receive a gift from the lobby memorabilia who offers great cinema plans for those living nearby.

4.    Alamo Drafthouse, Texas

alamo drafthouse texas

The Alamo Drafthouse holds the award for being one of the most recent built cinemas in the country but offers one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world. Seen as the young kid between the best theaters in the USA, you can still have a big experience in this cinema.
This movie holds lots of yearly premieres, with more than 400 seats and having one of the best comfortable experiences, if you come to this theater you can see for yourself how great it is. It also offers wonderful premium and public promotions to customers, holding great scenery when a big anticipated movie comes to the theater, like Rogue One this year.
However, the best feature of this movie theater is its policies, in which no children under age is permitted, no cell phone during the movie or you could get expulse and even zero ads before the movie begins which makes it one of the best cinemas in the world, giving a zero annoyance experience with great food and even alcohol if you want.

5.    The Castro Theatre, San Francisco

cinema casto theatre

If you’ve ever heard the term “movie palace” I can assure that it was referring to this cinema. This is a perfectly elaborated design for a cinema that delivers a wonderful experience for any moviegoer in the United States.
This cinema was opened in 1922 and still stands as one of the best cinemas to watch movies in, with a wonderful vintage designed which offers a great experience for all kind of viewers. This theater is designed with a Mexican Cathedral inspiration that captivates both movie lovers and tourists, making it a really interesting cinema to watch movies at.
With a wonderful lobby and auditorium design, the experience of watching movies is never the same from other cinemas. This theater offers what new technologies are trying to deliver, a totally engaging and artistic inspired movie-watching experience that only this theater can offer.


  1. So comfortable and luxury, with great designs. I’d like to watch movies in each of them :))

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